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September 11th, 2001 Mysteries And News

Last Updated: 11/22/02

The 1 year Anniversary of the attacks has passed. No one has been hurt or bombed...
But of what will come is worse than any threat.
Reverse Speech technology has revealed the truth about Bush and his fake little speeches.
We would like as many people as possible to see this website for their own convenience of curiosity, the world needs to know.
Over the past week of November there has been a bomb threat in Nova Scotia, Canada in one of their hospitals. Thousands have been evacuated, but no news as of yet who has sent the threat.
There is 10 threats listed of the top 10 terrorist possibilities.... we have recovered them for you.
1.CN Tower in Ontario
2.House of Commons, Ottawa
3.Confederation Bridge, PEI
4.Skylon Tower, Ontario
5.MacDonald and McKay Bridges, Halifax, NS
6. unknown
7. unknown
8. unknown
9. unknown
10. unknown
Unknown spots shall soon be filled
George Bush is deciding to attack Iraq with Military Weapons. Tho he is not sure it is neccessary, but the odds are he most likely will do so if planned.
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We Have Decided To Put All Faces Seen By The WTCs on the home page...
Due to the Extreme number of Complaints and Wonders of these faces, We have decided to put all Submitted Pictures on the home page not to just make you wonder, but also complain... why?? Well, it is better to let you complain than be curiosed. Feed your eyes

Face #1
First Face Sighted on the World Trade Centre - First pic Submitted

Face #2
Face Of Devil In The Explosion of the 2nd WTC

Face #3
Another Face In The World Trade Centre 2 Smoke - Some say Its God

Face #4
A Very Interesting Pic of Some Kind of Demon like Creature - WTC Smoke

Above is Faces Seen In The WTC Smoke

The U.S. has decided to attack Iraq and Pakistan....
Yet no word on how many poeple killed...
More on Cnn.com

Go To the Official News Site: http://www.cnn.com
Major Events
Nova Scotia has had a threat that someone will bomb theyre hospital, everyone has been evacuated, no news on who sent the threat notice..

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