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September 11th, 2001 Mysteries And News
Freaky Stuff

9/11 - 11's
You may be extremely interested of what this says
so please print this out and spread the word as much as possible!!
This is absolutely Freaky!

The date of the attack: 9/11 9+1+1= 11

September 11th is the 254th day of the year:2+5+4=11

After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.

119 is the area code to Iraq. 1+1+9= 11

Twin Towers standing side by side looking like the number 11.

The first plane to hit the tower was Flight 11.

State of New York The 11 state added to the union.

New York City 11 letters

Afghanistan 11 letters

The Pentagon 11 letters

Ramzi Yousef 11 letters

Flight 11: 92 on board 9+2= 11

Flight 77: 65 on board 6+5= 11

And Not to be Forgotten: Jesus Christ 11 letters

Mabye next to be hit:

Halifax City - 11 letters

Remembrance - 11 letters

Nostradamus - 11 letters

Aint that scary?

We now have more...

World War One - 11 letters

World War Two - 11 letters

Remembrance - 11 ltters

Nostradamus - 11 letters

If you have any more 11's, please e-mail us at: rfstorm@hotmail.com

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