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The Ultimate MSN names...

I'm an angel honest... The horns are just there to hold the halo up

You're just jealous coz the voices are talking to me and not you

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

In the beginning there was nothing, then god said 'let there be light' and there was still nothing but u could see it

You never die a virgin, coz in the end life fuckz us all

Friends are like condoms...they protect us when things are hard

Sex is just like pringles, once u stop the fun dont stop

I wasn't kissing him, I was just telling his lipz a secret! (Tracey)

im a bitch n i have class mess wit me n ill kick ur ass

Men are Kings, Kings are Rulers, Rulers are 30cm's long still think ur a man

If A Guy Tells u to suck his dick turn around and smile and say "i heard its dangerous to put small things in my mouth!

There's no I in slut but there is a U

Life is a sexually transmitted disease, and it's 100% fatal.

why dont u go and put a condom on ur head cos if ur gonna act like a dick u might as well look like one too

I'm too bad for heaven and hell's afraid I'll take over.

Life isn't like a garden so stop being a hoe.

When I die I wanna be buried upside down so the whole world can kiss my ass (Brad)

The only thing I want between our relationship is Latex (Lewis)

By the way the light is hitting your eyes I can see myself and Damn I look good! (Zac)

Sorry Cowboy, In my corral 8 seconds ain't no ride!

I do what the voices in my pants tell me to do

My name isn't elmo but you can tickle me anyway (Naomi)

If I compliment your figure would you hold it against me? (Minnie)

I'm not feeling myself today..may I feel you (Minnie)

I drink Rum cause I can't spell burbon (Josh)

My imaginary friends think I have a mental Illness (Emma)

I'm like a chocoholic, but for booze

Coffee, Chocolate, Men - some things are just better rich

If you want me to fall for u..u gotta give me somethin worth trippin over

Good Girls are Bad girls that don't get caught (Dan)

Cancel my subscription...I'm over your issues

Like what you see? Call 1800 you wish!

The cutest kittens have the sharpest claws!

Guys are like toilets...either occupied or full of shit (Erin)

If you're a prosty go get paid, If you're a virgin come get laid (Jono)

I'm not a ditz..I just lack common sense (Chloe)

Life's a bitch and then u die so lets all fuk and get high (Will)

Should I laugh cause we're friends or cry cause that's all we're gonna be? (Breanna)

Sumtimes I wish I was a little kid again...skinned knees are easier to fix then broken hearts (Carina)

My life is like an egg...I'm either gettin smashed or laid (Shane)

Life's a cunt, so fuk it (Lennie)

Life's like a dick..if it's hard fuk it (Chel)

The word for today is legs, let's go back to my place and spread the word (Peter)

There's only one key to my heart and only one person has that key (Kirsty)

You're the worst lookin chick here but beauty is only a light switch away (Alex)

Women are like vaccuums..you dont know what they're gonna suck next (Scott)

Young, Dumb, Blonde and full of Rum (Zac)

A kiss blown is a kiss wasted the only real kinda kiss is a kiss tasted

Girls are like phones, we like to be held and talked to but if you press the wrong buttons you'll be disconnected

It's a gurls world and guys just live in it

I may not be fred flinstone but I can still make your bedrock (Scott)

My teacher said I could become anything so I became drunk!

Dont start with me..You will not win!

If it's got tires or testicles It's gunna give you problems!

Men have only 2 faults..all they say and all they do!

I taught you everything you know..but not everything I know!

Love is like a photo negative..It develops in the dark (Emma)

My best assets..stick out infront of me (Naomi)

I'm not as think as you confused I am!!

Hi, I just noticed you lookin at me across the room..I'll give u a minute to catch ur breath (Josh)

I'm sugar and spice and all things nice..before u mess with me u better think twice (Kristy)

Save a horse, Ride a cowboy! (Peter)

Save an animal, eat a vegetarian!

Save a mouse, eat a pussy! (Ben)

Even though the voices in my head aren't real they have some good ideas! (Shane)

I wanted to kill the sexiest person alive but i remembered that suicides a crime (Kristy)

wowowo..that's the sound of an ambulance coming to get me cause you're so damn hot!! (Kristy)

Life is like a bed of roses..Full Of Pricks! (Kristy)

Can I borrow your library card? I wanna check u out!

East to the sea, West to the land, DEATH 2 the bitch who touches MY MAN!

If you're naughty go to your room..If you wanna be naughty go to my room! (Kristy)

Some guys call me a milkshake maker coz I make them nice and creamy! (Kristy)

Girls are sexy i think ur fine so u be the 6 and ill be the 9 (Ben)

I don't like to brag so i wont tell u how good I am (Matt)

Lets play doctors and patients...Ill be gynocologist(Daniel)

I wish i was Barbie...that bitch has everything! (Mitch)

Wen God gave out heads I thought he said beds and asked for a soft one (Shelley)

Wen God gave out legs i thought he said kegs and asked for two big ones (Shelley)

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue God Made me sexy..what the hell happened to you? (Beccy)

Life's too short..and so am I (Becka)

~~*if u need space join N.A.S.A baby!*~~ (Bryony)

YeH u'D bE PReTTy gOoDLOoKiN iF iT WaSnT FoR yOuR fAcE!!! (Bryony)

*~*I had a dream that i still loved u *~* I THINK I WOKE UP SCREAMING!!!!!!(Bryony)

if barbies so popular.......how come you have to buy all her friends?!?!?! (Kirsten)

working for the government must be pretty dam boring (Kirsten)

th tt v hW tht th t f f mK 75% f th t (Maddie)

all those bitches... all those witches... fuck them! fuck them!(sara)

HoT sExY gAl WiD a LuSh AsS! (LOWRI)

A wise monkey never monkies with another monkies monkey!(John & Deb)

(6)Dont make me mad..Im running out of places to hide the bodies.(6)(John & Deb)

What are you going 2 do 4 a face when the baboon asks for its arse back?? (?)

`Gd Md b*Gd md w*Gd md m m f괯` (Sam)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if hes cute screw the fruit.(Joe)

when i'm good i'm really good when i'm bad i'm better (Sophie)

LiVe Ya LiFe On Da WILD sIdE (Emma)

in life only one person gets to shine, move out my way, ur blockin my light.(Emma)

what u see is what you get(Emma)

ok, i'm blonde, but whats ur xcuse?(Emma)

Do i know u? GO HOME!(Emma)

Givvus a kiss(Emma)

if u luv sum1 dont put there name in a square, put it in a circle, coz a circle goes on 4eva.(Emma)

im blonde, its against my religion not to be(Emma)

life isnt worth livin if u dont know how to live.(Emma)

from the moment ur born, u start dieing(Emma)

they say true love comes round every corner, but i looked n ur no where in site!(Emma)

this is blonde terrioty(Emma)

i was laying in bed one nite, n looked up at the stairs n though HECK WHERES MY CEILING(Emma)

if u have neva meet me u have no right to judge(Emma)

master of the beer(Emma)

if an officer says have u been drinkin ur eyes are puffy, say have u been eatin doughnuts coz ur eyes r glazed(Emma)

do i look like a checkout? no, then stop checkin me out(Emma)

i believe angels, i am surrounded by them every day, i call them my m8s(Emma)

I would pluck the brightest star out of the sky for you but it would hardly shine next to your beauty (Alisha)

Dont worry who I am just Type (Leigh)

Nice Legs What Time Do They Open (Will)

Do you have a dollar because my Mum told me to ring her when i had found the girl of my dreams (Ben)

Lets Play Titanic..when I say ICEBERG you go down (Peter)

Your legs are like peanut butter....smooth and easy to spread (Matt H)

If you love me let me know if you dont then let me go (Anna)

If I looked into a mirror and saw ur face...dat would be a nightmare (Simonyi)

if u said you had the best dream last night how come i wasn't in it?? (Mitchelle and Donald)

Im like a sour patch kid, sweet in the middle but sour on the outside! (Kristen)

Im an ANGEL that fell from the STARS!!!!! (Kristen)

I live on a mountain, christmas' a bitch, for fukin hells sake u can call me the GRINCH!!!!!! (Kristen)

MooOOOooo! Ahhhhhhhhh the evil cows are attacking me!!! mOOoooOOo! Make them stop!!!!!! MoOOOOOOoooo!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHh MOOOMY!!!(Kristen)

im 2lazy2add2numbers2gether so4get it (Pheobe)

1,2 start by takin off my shoes**3,4 lock tha doors**5,6 put tha ballon on ur stick**7,8 we'll stay up late**9,10 baby we can do
dis ova and ova again!(Pheobe)

shake it 2tha left, shake it 2tha right, come wit me and we can shake it all night ;) (Pheobe)

whats up :S ?or iz ur face allwayz like dat:P (Sarah)

wid dat face maybe u shud join a circus:P ;)(Sarah)

nxt time u thnk ur perfect try walking ova water(Sarah)


:P M裏 gh:P(Sarah)

*~im a bitch i got class u mess wit me ill kick yur ass ..so 4 all u hoes that think yur kool ill beat yur ass cuz bitches rule~*(Rittenhouses)

I'm cute, im fine, im sweet, im devine.....But when it comes to boys im nasty! (Jessica)

Im an angel who smiles so sweetly, And a devil who is so cheeky!(Jessica)

i love him yes i do, he is for me and not for u, and if by chance you take my place, i'll take my fist and punch your face!(Jessica)

I like your style, i like your class, but most of alll i like your ass!(Jessica)

Smile its the second best thing to do with your lips(Tom(MACA))

Jesus loves u but everyone else thinks ur an asshole!

The speed limit of sex is 68 at 69 you have to turn around (Luke)

Sex is a killer..want to die happy? (Peter)

I have PMS and a gun..what were u saying? (Kristy)

Hate is a virtue, live with it (Josh)

The only thing that keeps me sane is talking to my shoe (Anita)

I like cats too..lets exchange recipies!! (Anita)

Make urself at home..clean my kitchen (Anita)

I'm only a bitch on days ending in Y (Sarah)

Hate me coz u hate me, not coz u wanna be me! (Melissa)

Sex is like air..It's not important unless u aren't getting any (Lisa)

Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place

No one is listening until you make a mistake

"You know you're in love when reality is better than any dream"

There's a new medical crisis. Doctors are reporting that many men ae having allergic reactions to latex condoms. They say they cause severe swelling. So what's the problem? (Jay)

-(`v)--..CuPiD's ShOt mE..--(`v)-


whn I ed t the evi dinking...I tPPed eding!

It took me all day to think of this screen name.

~(*)WhY gO tO hIgHsChoOl wHeN yOu cAn gO To sChOoL hIgH(*)~

. .Ф. .E*..V*. .* .. *. .

~.'` --(....)-- '`.װ~

(*)v KaTebOaRd, d $KaTeR!(*)

(*)v HoR$e, d CoWbOy!(*)

(*)v WaVe, d $UrFeR!(*)


w g (*) r vr r (L) . w dg gr r (*)

:*:t' tht ggt lv tht' jT gt m Gg:*:

--}o elf{--


LiVe F.. DiE ޮ.. HaVe F).. PlAy Ld

£ r$d d hk

*.~M 24/7~.*

*m Brd*


..*.F * 壷.*..

Nxt Tim U ThInk? Ur prct Try Wlking On Wtr!


*Smokey McPot*.

`*. *tHaTs wHaT iM tAlKiN bOuT* .*`

*:.(`v).:*:im gonna love you forever:*:.(`v).:*

(*)Gg v񤨨:(*)

(K)ht P K裏 M!(K)

(F).*mm hk*.(F)

(*) 1% GhT (*)


~(*)~Wth M rp rp hk t Fr Th Fllz Wh Knw!~(*)~

ScReW sKiTtLeS....cOmE tAsTe My RaInBoW! (Steph)
Birdie birdie in tha sky, dropped some white stuff in ma eye, im a big gal i wont cry ......... but god i am glad that cows dont fuken fly!!!!!!!! (Bridgette)

mummy wat does 69 mean...well son it is hard to explain...just pull down your pants and let me show you (Neil)

I lost my teddy bear......can you sleep with me instead?? (Jody and Carly)

(f)Roses r red, violets r blue, I'm feeling horny, fancy a screw?(L)(caly)

(L)Wanna come bak to my place? we can do some maths I will subtract ur clothes, divide ur legs, and we can multiply(L)(caly)

* im not a *PrInCeSs*... im not a *QuEeN*... im the *PrItTeSt PeRsOn* youv eva seen *(Gemma)

Wanna get laid? Crawl up a chickens ass and wait. (The Greens)

I'm not here right now the computer is lying to you. (The Greens)

I'm not here right now but if you scream really loud into your monitor I might be able to hear you! (The Greens)

*. MGN Ur LF WThuT M-(*)-MRBL HuH? .* (The Greens)

`.. d Mp m ѣçh h gGD p HCk `..(The Greens)

*Birdy Birdy in the sky, y u do that in my eye? Looks like white taste like sap o by golly its birdy crap! (The Greens)

My computer must be really ugly, cause I'm always turning it on. (The Greens)

God gave me arms, God gave me legs. I asked for a Wanker and he gave me you're address. (The Greens)

~sweeter than candy, hotter than fire, I'm describing the man i admire (Jackie)

~831 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning I love you (Jackie)

~I wrote your name in the sand but the waves washed it away then i wrote it in the sky but the wind blew it away so i wrote it in my heart and that's where it will stay (Jackie)

~no guy is worth your tears cuz when u find the 1 that is he won't make u cry (Jackie)

~some may call it XtC some may call it destiny some may call it meant 2 b but i just call it U~n~ME (Jackie)

`If all my girls jumped off a bridge i wudn't jump w/ them I'd b at the bottom to catch them (Jackie)

~Once upon a time something happened to me it was the sweetest thing that cud ever b it was a fantasy a dream to cum true it was the day that i met u (Jackie)

~I dropped a tear in the ocean the day i find it i'll stop loving u (Jackie)


~luved u yesterday luv u still alwayz have alwayz will (Jackie)

Boys are like spots, they cum and they go!(Natalie)

If you unique and your unique, then your not unique bcos they're uniqe!! (Micheal)

see my halo bright an shiney mess wit me and ill kick your hiney (Blain)

-(`v)- Lt M St n Ya LaP & W an TaLk Abt Da frSt tHng Dat ppZ p-(`v)- (Debbie)

can i have your picture, that way i can show santa what i want for christmas

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